Karma Yiwong Samten Ling

Tibetan Buddhist Centre

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Usually on the last Sunday in the month we hold a meditation retreat day.

If we have a special event this retreat day may not be on  - please check SPECIAL EVENTS below. 

Meditation classes

While we are upgrading our Gompa (practise hall) there will not be ​classes at the Centre. 

Classes are held at 27 Riddell St Molong on Mondays from 5.30pm to 6.30pm. 

Please ring Rosie on 0403 29 5556 for enquiries and to attend.


Special events will be detailed here.

​​Seminar with Norbert Bohler and John Davies 

- Mapping the journey to the heart -

​Saturday 24th November 2018 – 10am to 4pm

According to the Buddhadharma (the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha), the ultimate realisation is the awakening of our own intrinsic Buddha nature, present within us from the very beginning, but hidden like the sun is hidden by a cloudy sky.

The purposed of meditation is to gradually uncover our true nature and to reclaim our “birthright” the enlightened state – the heart essence of all the Buddhas.

During this seminar we will explore the map of the journey, from the very first steps on the path to the ultimate results: Buddhahood.

Guidance will be provided on what is true meditation, and what is not, why and how we meditate.  Practical and simple, yet profound meditation methods will also be taught and practised.

This seminar is suited for everyone, from curious beginners to more seasoned practitioners and everything in between.

 Enquiries: Rosie 0403 29 5556

Contribution requested: $30 ($25 members) or whatever you can afford.

Please bring a vegetarian plate to share.